Netexem Customer Reviews


  Great company, reliable and always there to assist. We have internet / phone services with Netexem and Matthew is always available to help over the phone or in-person if needed.

thumb Ramsay H.

  Really really happy for well over a year. Have been working with Matthew at NETEXEM. Awesome! I was receiving 20 + junk calls everyday. I can respect the idea that companies are trying to drum up business. I just don’t have time in my day to entertain them. The volume took over my day. NETEXEM did solve the problem for me for a really great price. Monthly program giving me the flexibility to handle all of my phone lines Ads, client’s, and prospective new customers. My employees are able to connect directly with me at anytime. They set up my home office network, because I’m working so much from home now! Thank you NETEXEM. Your the BEST!
CEO OCContractor, Inc. Dan

thumb Dan B.

  We decided to use Netexem for our office after years of having bad internet connection with a previous company. Matthew was able to get our office set up in a quickly time frame and we have been loving our new internet provider! I should of switched a long time ago.

thumb Ingrid M.

  We opened a new office. I was dreading moving to a new location after 20 years. Matthew came in and took care of everything! We have a new phone system that we love! Everything works perfectly and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Netexem is the best and I will recommend Matthew to anyone I know, who needs service with their business. 5 stars!

thumb Robert. A.

  If I could give Netexem more than 5 stars I would. I’ve been Matthew’s client for my home and small business for the last 4 or 5 years. Each time I requested a service from him, never needed to be follow up by me. Matthew is very detail oriented and trustworthy. His quick response, knowledge, and expertise are over the beyond.
I contacted him to setup a fax number for my small business yesterday and Matthew set that up less than 4 minutes with the lowest price I could even imagine and works perfectly for my needs. I would definitely recommend “Netexem” for any individual who likes to lower his/her bills with the greatest service. Thumbs Up Matthew!

thumb Amir A.

  Matthew Ashrafi helped with our internet and networking solutions to get our church services streaming online. He went so far above and beyond our expectations I can say with certainty, no one can match his knowledge, expertise, and customer service in this field. He even knew the Spectrum tiers of service and what it was the Spectrum associates were looking at on their computer screens while we had them on the phone to help them navigate their own systems. Matthew didn’t just earn a customer for life but a friend.

thumb Jack M.

  Matthew is AWESOME!

WONDERFUL customer service!

We love our new office phone system!

Thank you SO much, Matthew!

thumb Serra C.

  Matthew helped me set up the office telephone system and also the shared network. Now working remotely is much easier for me and my employee. Highly recommend Matthew.

thumb XIN H.

  My husband and I own a small business and were in need of a phone service! When we moved into our office we learned about Netexem, called Matthew and he schedule an appointment to come out the following day. Matthew is kind, smart, is knowledgeable about his business, and is affordable! We hired Netexem to do our phone systems and have never been disappointed! If your looking for reliable and affordable phone service for your small business, call Matthew today!

thumb Ashley R.

  So glad we came across this company. Since Matthew helped us switch our telephones and internet over to Netexem, our agency has become much more flexible in operations. One of our agents works remotely (out of state). If we need him to cover the office calls, call forwarding is a click away. The variety of call waiting and forwarding is very intuitive and if there’s ever any trouble, Matthew’s a phone call away.

I’d highly recommend Netexem to anyone considering moving away from the large cable companies in search of an outstanding alternative.

thumb The R.

  Matt made the transition from a land line to this new technology super easy for our small business. Changes like this can really drain our time and energy and be more of a hassle than a help in the end since we don’t have an IT team on-site. But with Matt and his team, the transition was seamless with Matt here to oversee it. We gave him and his team a complicated script and set-up given that we offer special pick-up and drop-off services outside of our normal business hours. Long story short, they completely nailed it. We also love the feature that our voicemails get sent right to our email, allowing us to stay on top of all customer communication. All in all, great service and a great product!

thumb Brittany B.

  Matthew provided excellent customer service from Start to Finish! He is very informative about the products and services he offers (Phone, Internet, Cloud, IT Service, etc). He helped me completely re-shape the telecommunications aspect of my business by providing excellent internet coverage, a very professional phone/fax system and a sophisticated secure option to protect all my business’ information. If you are looking to improve your business without emptying your bank account, Netexem will be your best decision! Thank you Netexem for all of your help!!

thumb Nicholas A.

  WOW!! What great service and professionalism I got from Matt at Netexem. From the first visit with Matt, he thoroughly explained what we needed to set up my network, phone system and fax for my small office. He was able to help me with all my IT needs from cabling to hardware. He gave me all the options and worked with some of the items we had to set up a secure and efficient phone and network system. Thank you to Matt and his team for making my life easy at a fair price that we could afford to work with as a small start-up business.

thumb Joey B.

  Thank you Netexem group specially Matt, for the professional and exceptional service they provide. The process is super quick and the outcome is amazing.The most important part in our business ishow much we save!! We will save thousands of dollar. Thank you for saving us money and making our business more liable for our clients.

thumb Sweet Angel ..

  We have been using Netexem services for nearly a year and have received excellent support and service.

thumb Shane S.

  What a relief! Finally found someone fair, trustworthy and not afraid of hard work! Matthew (the owner) is such a pleasure to work with. So far he’s handled two projects for me with great success. I had a minor issue with the hardware (at no fault of Netexem) and Matthew came by right away and swapped out the hardware (that I had ordered myself) and got everything up and running. A true professional/company shows their worth when they come through if problems arise. He also handled a difficult security camera install. The finished product was very clean and looked high-end. I am ready to start my third project with him this week and looking forward to the future years of working with Matthew and Netexem!

thumb J. M.

  I wasn’t able to use my computer for the last 3 weeks to some unknown issues. I tried fixing it on my own, but it all failed. I looked up on Yelp to see if there might be a way to fix my computer and I Found Netexem. Before I called Matt from “Netexem” I read all of the reviews and I have to say he’s the real deal. He’s everything what his past customers called him, professional, awesome, fast, nice, smart and friendly. This guy knows what he’s doing and pricing is excellent!. Matt diagnosed my computer problem and brought it back to life. He told me the problem was my hard drive, so he replaced and saved my information and backed it up into the new hard drive. I thank him for saving all my precious pictures and documents I had in there! I’m coming back to him for all of my computer problem! Thank you so much Matt!

thumb Amir Z.

  I’m so thankful I found Netexem.If I could give them more than five stars I would. I am exceptionally pleased with the work and service and the cost. I have a macbook pro that got infected with a nasty virus when I tried to update a program. Asked a few friends and one of them recommended me to Netexem for computer repair. I Called them to setup a same day appointment. A Few hours after dropping of my laptop I get a call to let me know that my laptop is ready for pick up. He gave it a complete checkup, diagnosed, and treated it.

thumb Sanaz N.

  I’ve been working with Netexem for almost two years now. They’re ability to solve problems is amazing and they’re very quick at it. They are super-dumper nice. seriously, they are incredible. They understand how important IT aspects are to each business they work with and can give advice on what software or hardware to get according to the needs of their clients.I really don’t know what our company (Netsico) would do without these guys.

They are so fast, very friendly and approachable. They fix everything, and also they do not shy away from teaching you how to solve minor problems in order to ensure that your business is always running smoothly.If you are tired of looking for someone competent, diligent and who instills peace of mind… go with Netexem and let Matt and his team cover all the bases. I have already started recommended him to friends and will definitely be using him in the future.I highly recommend their services.

thumb Hessam N.
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Oh OK perfect. I really like it! Getting my voice messages in my email. l now know when people called, what time everything about it. I never had any of that information before, easy to store, recover and save.. Well, Thank you very much Netexem! OCContractor, Inc. Dan
Great service! Matthew helped us setup a 5 line system at the office and the transition was so smooth. Answers every question and the quality of the service is excellent.

I highly recommend Netexem.
We’re so pleased that we found Netexem. Matthew always responds to our requests quickly and is able to resolve any problems we have. He is a pleasure to work with and is very professional, explaining what needs to be done in a way that laypeople can understand.
Matthew is awesome! We are incredibly pleased with his professionalism and the service so far. Keep up the good work!
Excellent service and very competitive pricing. Matthew at Netexem, is very knowledgeable and informative.Thank you Matthew.
Great service! Always responds quickly and comes out to fix any issues we have had!
I’m so thankful I found Netexem.If I could give them more than five stars I would. I am exceptionally pleased with the work and service and the cost. I have a MacBook pro that got infected with a nasty virus when I tried to update a program. Asked a few friends and one of them recommended me to Netexem for computer repair. I Called them to setup a same day appointment. A Few hours after dropping of my laptop I get a call to let me know that my laptop is ready for pick up. He gave it a complete checkup, diagnosed, and treated it.
Matthew and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. we recently changed our telephone system to VOIP through Netexem , we are very pleased with their service. if you are looking for a professional telephone company to work, contact Netexem!
Matt!! Always so helpful and with a great attitude and super friendly. He is always super helpful. He always makes time to come in when I call him with help on this tech stuff that I don’t know how to fix.. lol. He is super knowledgeable and there is nothing impossible for him not to fix. Excellent service with Matt! I appreciate him very much!
No problems. Great customer service. Good price.
Finally, a tech company that delivers as promised.
Netexem has Fantastic tech staff, Micheal was very knowledgeable and knew just what to do to get our office Internet and Phone system up and running without any down time. Like
Fantastic customer service from Matthew at Netexem! We were pleased enough to be able to switch our phones and internet over to them to save some money. Once we switched, Matthew walked us through the convenient call forwarding, waiting options and features all available online. Now, if I’m ever out of the office and need someone to take over the phones, I simply get on the Netexem site and click a couple changes.

Most importantly, if there’s any confusion about any of the many features of their phone and internet services, Matthew’s a quick call away.

I’d highly recommend their services to anyone who’s eligible to sign up with them.
Thank you Netexem group specially Matt, for the professional and exceptional service they provide. The process is super quick and the outcome is amazing.The most important part in our business is how much we save!! We will save thousands of dollar. Thank you for saving us money and making our business more liable for our clients.
I used Matthew to transition our old phone system into a new one. Being a small business, I was worried about down time and lost calls. Neither one happened, the change was seamless. I couldn’t be any happier with his service and follow up.
Excellent service and competitive pricing. Matthew at Netexem set up an excellent network for my business. He is very knowledgeable and informative. He also took the time to go over everything with me as well as test everything and he even came by on several occasions afterwards to again make sure that our network was up and running at the most optimal speeds with no issues at all. THANKS MATTHEW!
We switched from AT&T after 20 years to Matt and Netexem and can’t believe I waited that long! I should have done it years ago! Matt’s is Johnny on the Spot when I need him and hasn’t let me down ever. Highly recommend him for phone service and technical support.
Oh my goodness where to even start with how amazing this business is. He has taken care of my family pc’s for a few years .Now Matt and his staff are timely and always-always pleasant. I trust my computers in there care and I refuse to go elsewhere. I can’t say enough about their awesome services . The reviews here speak volume and and I’m so grateful that great customer service is still alive and well. They can help with PC and Mac, which is great. I would recommend them to anyone in need of computer and servers and network services. Thanks guys keep up the great work.
Netexem has been excellent in setting us up from scratch with a VOIP system, new wireless internet, and fax service. I’m not sure there’s anything they could have done better as they have swiftly solved any difficulties we have encountered during the transition. We are very happy with our decision thus far.
is such a pleasure to work with. So far he’s handled two projects for me with great success. I had a minor issue with the hardware (at no fault of Netexem) and Matthew came by right away and swapped out the hardware (that I had ordered myself) and got everything up and running. A true professional/company shows their worth when they come through if problems arise. He also handled a difficult security camera install. The finished product was very clean and looked high-end. I am ready to start my third project with him this week and looking forward to the future years of working with Matthew and Netexem!
Excellent service and very low price.we received excellent support from matthew , he always there for us to answer our questions great service we are very happy with Netexem and owner matthew . five star for hard work and good service thank you matthew and netexem,
We have been switched to Netexem last year and save $500 a year with faster service.
It was a plesure dealing with Netexem profesional team. David was very knowledgeable for the work we needed done and worked in timley and efficient. It’s hard to find good vendors that service comercial properties with reliable services.

Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement

1- IMPORTANT – PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY. By using Netexem’s online or telephone technical support and solutions you are subject to this Agreement. Our Service is offered to you with the condition you accept, without modification, the terms and conditions set forth herein. Netexem may change the types of services included in this Agreement at any time without prior notice. You understand that by using the services provided by Netexem. after a change becomes effective, you have agreed to it. By accepting services from Netexem., you are indicating your agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. 1. GENERAL This Agreement is entered into between the Customer (“you” or “your”) and Netexem, DBA Netexem. (“Netexem”, “us” or “we”) You accept this Agreement upon: A. your submission to us of an online or telephone request for Service, in verbal or written notice; B. your accepting this Agreement electronically during registration or in the course of initiating a support session whether online or by telephone; or C. your use of the Service. This Agreement is made up of preamble, the terms herein, all attachments to this Agreement and any other policies and materials specifically referred to in this Agreement, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. The Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you agree to use our Service, and under which Netexem agrees to provide Service to you. You may also request a paper copy of this Agreement by contacting us at 1-844-638-3936 or downloading it from 2. DEFINITIONS for the purposes of this Agreement, the following terms are defined as follows: 2.1. “Netexem” shall mean and include its directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. 2.2. “Service” shall mean all Software technical support, maintenance, products and services ordered by you or provided to you by Netexem; 2.3. “Software” shall mean, but is not limited to, Netexem; 2.4. “Third Party Providers” shall mean and include all of Netexem’s third party licensors, providers and suppliers. 3. AUTHORIZED USER, USE AND RESPONSIBILITIES 3.1. You acknowledge and agree that you have the legal authority to enter into this Agreement and confirm that the information you supply to us is correct and complete. Netexem relies on the information you supply. Providing false or incorrect information may result in Service being withheld, delayed, suspended or terminated at the discretion of Netexem. In addition, if Netexem relies on this false or incorrect information this may result in Netexem providing Service that adversely affect the Client and Netexem shall not be responsible at any time for loss, alteration or corruption of the Software, your software, data or files. 3.2. You agree to promptly notify Netexem whenever your billing information changes (i.e., name, address, telephone number, and/or credit card number and expiration date). 3.3. You are responsible for all users on your account and computer systems. You accept full liability and responsibility for the actions of anyone who uses our Service via your account, or your computer systems, with or without your permission. 3.4. You agree it is your responsibility to back up all software and data that is stored on your computer’s hard disk drive(s) and on any other storage devices you may have prior to using the Service by Netexem or its Third Party Providers. Netexem or its Third Party Providers shall not be responsible at any time for loss, alteration or corruption of the Software, your software, data or files. 3.5. You agree that your computer systems meet the following minimum system requirements: A. Windows XP Pro, or Windows XP Pro X64 edition to Windows 10 or any Mac OSX; and Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. B. A functional DSL or cable high-speed Internet connection. Netexem and its Third Party Providers reserve the right to refrain from providing all Service ordered on the basis that the minimum system requirements are not met or the technical needs (including wiring or overcoming physical or technical barriers) or other requirements of the Customer are unusual or extensive and beyond the scope of this Agreement as reasonably determined by Netexem or its Third Party Providers. 3.6. Netexem is not obliged to support the Software if the Customer is not using the versions of the operating system software as specified by the Software supplier from time to time, or if the Customer fails to maintain the Software at the supplier’s specified release or if the Software license has expired. 3.7. Provision of the Service does not imply any guarantee or representation that Netexem will be able to assist the Customer in achieving any results from the Software which are not technically feasible. Subject to this, any services which are outside the scope of this Agreement will, at the Customer’s request and at Netexem’s option, be provided at Netexem’s then current rates for such services or as otherwise agreed between the parties. 4. PERMISSION TO CONNECT 4.1. The Customer hereby permits Netexem to remotely or directly access and connect to the Customer’s computer systems and network for the express purpose of providing Service. The Customer will cooperate in good faith to enable such connections to occur. 5. CONFIDENTIALITY AND PRIVACY POLICY 5.1. The parties recognize that under this Agreement they may each receive trade secrets and confidential or proprietary information of the other party, including but not limited to commercial information, products, customers, business accounts, finance or contractual arrangements or other dealings, program source and object codes. All such information which is either marked ‘Confidential’ or stated at the time of disclosure and subsequently confirmed in writing to be confidential constitutes ‘Confidential Information’. Each party agrees not to divulge Confidential Information received from the other to any of its employees, permitted agents and contractors who do not need to know it and to prevent its disclosure to or access by any third party without the prior written consent of the disclosing party. Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. 5.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties also recognize that each may disclose Confidential Information: A. that was or subsequently becomes publicly available other than by acts of the other party; B. that was already known to the other party prior to it being provided; C. that was received by the other party from a third party without an obligation of confidence of any kind; and D. to the extent required by applicable law or by order of a court or other governmental authority of competent jurisdiction. 5.3. Upon the termination of this Agreement each party shall return to the other party all Confidential Information which is then in its possession or control, and shall remove all digital representations and electronic manifestations of same in any form from all storage media in its possession or under its control. 5.4. Netexem will not sell or rent your Confidential Information to anyone unless you expressly consent to disclosure of Confidential Information to third parties. We may send Confidential Information about you to third parties when we: A. have your consent to share the Confidential Information; or B. find that your actions on our website violate this Agreement; or C. respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal processes which require us to disclose registration data or any information about you to law enforcement or other government officials as Netexem, in its sole discretion, believes necessary and appropriate. 6. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE 6.1. The Service you select may not be available at all times, and may not be available in the format generally marketed. Some computer systems and networks may not be available to receive the Service even if initial testing showed that your connection was qualified or your computer environment was suitable. All Service is provided on an “As Is” or “As Available” Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. Basis and immediate access and availability of Service are not guaranteed. 6.2. Netexem or its Third Party Providers may, at any time, without notice or liability, restrict the use of the Service or limit the time of availability in order to perform any Service. 7. TERM AND TERMINATION 7.1. This Agreement goes into effect upon your acceptance of this Agreement as set forth in Section 1 and shall continue, subject to the terms of Section 1, until terminated by either party as permitted by this Agreement. 7.2. Netexem may terminate or suspend Service, at its sole discretion, immediately and without notice, if: A. you are in breach of any of the terms of this Agreement (including but not limited to all policies regarding abuse and acceptable use of the Service or Software); B. any attempt is made, other than by Netexem or its Third Party Providers to remove any defects or deal with any errors in the Software; C. Any development, enhancement or variation of the Software is carried out other than by the Software supplier, Netexem or its Third Party Providers; D. your use of the Service is prohibited by law or is disruptive to, adversely impacts or causes a malfunction to the Service or Netexem’s network; E. Netexem receives an order from a court to terminate your Service; F. Netexem for any reason ceases to offer the Service; G. you are no longer a Customer; H. you have failed to pay an invoice in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement; or I. where, in the reasonable opinion of Netexem, the Customer’s computer system or network have ceased to be capable of operating the Software successfully for any reason. Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. 7.3. The Customer may terminate this Agreement if Netexem is in material or continuing breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement and fails to remedy the same (if capable of remedy) for a period of ten days after written notification of the breach has been delivered by the Customer to Netexem. 8. LIMITATIONS ON USE OF THE SERVICE 8.1. You agree that your use of the Software and the Internet, without limitation, is your sole responsibility, is solely at your own risk, and is subject to all applicable municipal, provincial, national and international laws and regulations. 8.2. You agree that the Internet is not owned, operated or managed by, or in any way affiliated with Netexem and Netexem is not responsible and has no control over the information or materials accessible via the Internet through use of the Service. You further agree that Netexem does not own or control any of the facilities and communication lines through which Service may be provided, nor does Netexem guarantee access to or through websites, servers or other facilities on the Internet, whether or not such facilities are owned, leased or controlled by Netexem. 8.3. You agree that Netexem cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that data available for downloading through the Service will be free of defects, infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that manifest contaminating, malicious or destructive properties. You are responsible for implementing adequate procedures to satisfy your particular requirements for accuracy of information or data input and output and for maintaining a means external to the Service for the reconstruction and input of any lost data. 8.4. You agree that the Internet is not a secure network and that third parties may be able to intercept, access, use, or corrupt the information you transmit or receive over the Internet. Netexem is not responsible for invalid destinations, transmission errors, or corruption or security of your information or data. 8.5. You agree to ensure that the licenses authorizing your use of the Software are in effect throughout the term of this Agreement, and that the Software is used only as permitted by the terms of the applicable licenses. Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. 8.6. If Netexem or its Third Party Provider’s ability to render Service is impaired by you or circumstances beyond the control of Netexem or its Third Party Provider, Netexem and its Third Party Provider may choose not to provide Service. 9. WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 9.1. You acknowledge and agree that the Service supplied is provided on an “As Is” or “As Available” basis, with all faults. Except as otherwise specifically set forth in this Agreement and as otherwise specifically set forth in any manufacturer warranty for any equipment or software provided by Netexem (but only if such warranty is included with such equipment or software), Netexem and its Third Party Providers, disclaim any and all warranties for the Service, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, non-infringement, noninterference title, compatibility of computer systems, integration, and those arising from the course of dealing, course of trade, or arising under statute. No advice or information given by Netexem or its Third Party Providers shall create a warranty. Use of Netexem’s Service is at your own risk and is not warranted. 9.2. Netexem does not warrant that its Service will perform at a particular speed, bandwidth or data throughput rate, or will be uninterrupted, error-free, secure, or free of viruses, worms, or the like. 9.3. Netexem shall not be liable for loss of your data, or if changes in operation, procedures, or Service require modification or alteration of your equipment, render the same obsolete or otherwise affect its performance. Netexem makes no warranty regarding any transactions executed using the Service or the Internet. Netexem makes no warranty regarding the content and information accessed by using the Service or any links displayed. You expressly assume all risk and responsibility for use of the Service and the Internet generally. 9.4. In no event shall Netexem or its Third Party Providers, be liable to you or any other person for any indirect, incidental, exemplary, special or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation, liability with respect to, expenses, costs, revenue, profits, lost savings or earnings, lost or corrupted data, business interruption, failure to recognize expected savings or other liability arising out of, or related to, the Service provided by Netexem or its Third Party Providers or from the installation, uninstallation, reinstallation, use of, or inability to use your computer equipment, hardware, peripherals, or the network resulting from the Service provided hereunder, or to the extent of any claims against you by any other Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. 9.5. Except as expressly stated in this section and elsewhere in this Agreement, any liability of Netexem for breach of this Agreement will not exceed in the aggregate, with respect to any one event or series of connected events, for any expense, damage, loss, injury, or liability, of any kind or nature whatsoever being awarded to the Customer, the total price paid or due to be paid by the Customer under this Agreement to Netexem. 9.6. The Customer agrees that it has accepted these terms and conditions in the knowledge that Netexem’s liability is limited and that the prices and charges payable have been calculated accordingly. The Customer is advised to make its own insurance arrangements if it desires to limit its exposure to risk or if it requires further or different cover. 10. INDEMNIFICATION 10.1. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Netexem from and against all liabilities, costs and expenses, including fees on a solicitor and his own client basis, related to or arising from: A. any violation of applicable laws, regulations or this Agreement by you (or any party who uses your computer systems to access the Service); B. the use of the Service or the Internet or the placement or transmission of any message, information, software or other materials on the Internet by you (or any party who uses your account to access the Service); C. negligent acts, errors, or omissions by you (or any party who uses your computer systems to access the Service); D. injuries to or death of any person and for damages to or loss of any property, which may in any way arise out of or result from or in connection with this Agreement, except to the extent that such liabilities arise from the active negligence or willful misconduct of Netexem; or E. claims for infringement of any intellectual property rights arising from the use of the Service, Software, or the Internet. Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. 11. CHARGES AND PAYMENT TERMS 11.1. The Customer will be invoiced monthly in advance for the Service charge shown in the attached Schedule A. All Service charges are exclusive of expenses reasonably incurred in the performance of this Agreement by Netexem, which will be payable in addition, and these and other charges will be invoiced monthly in arrears. All invoices are payable 30 days from receipt. All charges are exclusive of GST and any applicable taxes, which will be applied in accordance with the prevailing legislation in force. 11.2. Payments which are not received when payable will be considered overdue and remain payable by the Customer together with interest for late payment from the date payable at a rate of 24% per annum. This interest will accrue on a daily basis and be payable on demand. 11.3. Notwithstanding the above provision for late payment, in this event Netexem may at its option, and without prejudice to any other remedy at any time after payment has become due, temporarily suspend Service or terminate this Agreement. 11.4. If Netexem becomes entitled to terminate this Agreement for any reason, any sums then due to Netexem will immediately become payable in full. 12. EMPLOYMENT RESTRICTION While this Agreement is in force and for a period of 12 months from its termination for any reason, the Customer will not actively solicit or canvas the employment of any person employed or consultant acting on behalf of Netexem who was assigned to work on the Customer’s system over a period of one month or more in the preceding 12 months. If the Customer is in breach of this condition, the Customer, recognizing that Netexem will suffer substantial damage, will pay to Netexem by way of liquidated damages and not by way of penalty a sum equal to the gross annual salary or the contractor fees, whichever is applicable, paid to that person by Netexem in the immediately preceding 12 months. 13. GENERAL PROVISIONS 13.1. All obligations of the parties under this Agreement, which, by their nature, would continue beyond the termination, cancellation or expiration of this Agreement, including by way of illustration and not limitation, those sections relating to Warranties and Limitation of Liability Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. And Indemnification, shall survive such termination, cancellation or expiration. 13.2. Netexem will not be liable for delays, damages or failures in performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of a governmental body, acts of God, acts of third parties, fires, floods, strikes or other labor-related disputes, or other things we do not control, or an inability to obtain necessary equipment or Service. In the event of a force majeure, Netexem shall use commercially reasonable efforts to remedy the situation and remove the cause of its inability to perform this Agreement as is reasonably possible. 13.3. You agree not to assign or otherwise transfer, this Agreement in whole or in part, including the Software or your rights or obligations under it. Any attempt to do so shall be void. We may assign all or any part of this Agreement without notice and you agree to make all subsequent payments as directed. This Agreement shall be binding on Netexem’s successors or assigns. 13.4. You and Netexem agree that the substantive laws of the County of Jackson, Oregon, USA, without reference to its principles of conflicts of laws, will be applied to govern, litigate, arbitrate, construe and/or enforce all of the rights and duties of the parties arising from or relating in any way to the subject matter of this Agreement. Except as otherwise required by law, any cause of action or claim you may have with respect to the Service must be commenced within one (1) year after the claim or cause of action arises or such claim or cause of action is barred. 13.5. Use, duplication or disclosure by any Government entity is subject to restrictions set forth, as applicable. 13.6. In the event that any portion of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, in any respect, then the remaining provisions of this Agreement, or the application of such provisions to persons or circumstances, other than those to which it is invalid or unenforceable, shall not be affected thereby, and each such provision of this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable to the extent granted by law. 13.7. Netexem’s failure at any time to insist upon strict compliance with any of the provisions of this Agreement in any instance shall not be construed to be a waiver of such terms in the future. If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby, and the unenforceable portion shall be construed as nearly as possible to reflect the original intentions of the parties. Remote Support Terms of Service Agreement. 13.8. This Agreement, including all attachments and all other policies posted on Netexem’s Website, which are fully incorporated into this Agreement either by attachment or by reference, constitutes the entire agreement between you and Netexem with respect to the subject matter hereto and supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements whether written or oral. Any changes by you to this Agreement, or any additional or different terms in your purchase orders, acknowledgments or other documents, written or electronic, are void, unless the changes are made in writing and executed by the parties. 13.9. This Agreement may be executed in one or more counterparts, including by facsimile transmission, each of which when executed shall be deemed to be an original and all of which taken together shall constitute one and the same Agreement. Agree Disagree